Spirit of Service Program (SOS)

In 2014, the Healing Arts Center launched an exciting pilot program called Spirit of Service (SOS).  Thanks to a generous start-up grant by the Orcas Island Community Foundation (OICF), SOS makes available quality holistic healthcare to a demographic currently underserved due to their economic status or situation. Vouchers for 1-hour appointments are provided to people in immediate need of our services who cannot otherwise afford it.  Clients referred to SOS are able to receive treatment at the Healing Arts Center for a $10 to $30 sliding scale co-payment.  All co-payments above $10 are deposited back into the program to fund future treatments.

Now in its fourth year, the program operates on a system of direct referrals from our non-profit partners in the Orcas community.  We have chosen three stellar organizations with excellent reputations in their field: SAFE San Juans (formerly DVSAS), Orcas Community Resource Center, and Orcas Island Senior Services.  These organizations are on the front line of direct and confidential support of community members in need, making them a perfect match for the high standards set forth by the Healing Arts Center and its practitioners. Through their intake and screening process, these partners discern and prioritize the economic, physical, and emotional needs of the referrals.  Due to the missions and clientele of these non-profit partners, the majority of beneficiaries are adult women, mothers, and caregivers and seniors of any gender.

The initial funding to implement SOS came from OICF, the Healing Arts Center and its practitioners.  The Healing Arts Center is now seeking private donations from the community to sustain the program beyond the initial sessions funded by the OIFC grant.  All donations to the SOS program are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You may make an online donation via the Donate button on this or any page, or by mailing or dropping off a check to the Healing Arts Center (P.O. Box 304, Eastsound, WA  98245). From December 1-22, 2016, we would love for you to donate to us via OICF’s GiveOrcas Catalog.

With all Healing Arts Center practitioners participating in the SOS program, clients are in total control of choosing which modality and practitioner with whom they work.  For 28 years, our clients have received great physical and emotional benefit from the services we provide.  Through the collaboration with our partners, and with the help of generous members of the public, we are now enhancing our outreach to support a broader demographic of the Orcas Island community.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services but cannot otherwise afford them, please contact our partners: Alison at SAFE San Juans, Erin at Orcas Community Resource Center, or Jami at Orcas Island Senior Services.  For any other questions regarding the program please contact Christopher at the Healing Arts Center (360-376-4002).