HAC Building Project

During our 32 years of service, the practitioners of the Healing Arts center have provided well over 100,000 treatments, primarily to the Orcas Island community. We have a mission to provide space and support for holistic healthcare treatments and services, as well as education about wellness. We understand the mission of our nonprofit organization to involve stewarding the historic structure that we work from as a good home for future as well as present practitioners. We are one of the oldest and largest holistic healthcare cooperatives in the US.

Our building is one of the oldest houses in Eastsound. While masterfully built in 1904, the farmhouse was built on a foundation of flat beach rocks and cedar stumps, and shored up by pier blocks, and eventually posts and beams, over time. This sufficed until recent years, but evidence of structural instability was visible and further complications were imminent. Projects such as energy-efficient windows were put on hold until the critical structural needs could be addressed.

The first phase of our Master Building Plan covered the costs associated with architectural and engineering design of a stable perimeter foundation. In May 2016, the annual GiveOrcas fund drive of the Orcas Island Community Foundation provided us with $2500 in grant funds, a small percentage of the entire project but a significant encouragement. We then raised more through raffles, supported by both Healing Arts practitioners and the wider Orcas Island community.

The design phase of this project was funded and completed by 2019, and as of late fall 2020, the implementation of Phase Two has also been completed. It involved permitting, excavation, stabilizing the existing building, construction of a perimeter foundation, insulation and sealing, and more. This represents the completion of the most crucial work to stabilize our building. Architectural drawings for a third phase, the construction of an internal stairway, along with more foundation work on the front of the building, are complete but the project itself is on hold for an indefinite time due to the unexpected constraints of the pandemic.

In September 2018, we received an Energy Assessment Report from the Community Energy Challenge of the Sustainable Connections organization we were directed by OPALCO to contact. Among the recommendations of that report were installation of a solar electric system, heat pumps, insulation, high-efficiency windows, and more. For some of these we were eligible for rebates and grants, and some projects would result in energy savings sufficient to make the measures have a payback/break-even point under 15 years. We were included in the OICF GiveOrcas Holiday Catalog fundraiser, in December of both 2018 and 2020, with funds earmarked for these energy improvements.

In one of our rooms we have added insulation and installed  replacement, energy-efficient windows, for which we are receiving substantial rebates as mentioned above, and installed a heat pump system to serve our primary common area. The fully-funded 2020 GiveOrcas request, thanks to generous Orcas Island donors, will enable us to finish the heat pump system to serve the primary treatment rooms.

We will be continuing to look for grants, and continue fundraising, as well as contributing from our own accounts and accepting in-kind donations. Please use the Donate button found on any page of this website and earmark your contribution as “Building” in the memo area. Or give us a call and we can discuss other ways to contribute. You’ll help us ensure the continued presence of the Healing Arts Center in Eastsound for many years to come.