The Power of Patience From a Buddhist Perspective

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from Healing Anger

When we are engaged in the practice of patience and tolerance, in reality what is happening is that we are engaged in combat with hatred and anger.

Since it is a situation of combat, one seeks victory, but one also has to be prepared for the possibility of losing the battle. So while one is engaged in combat, one should not lose sight of the fact that in the process one will encounter many problems and hardships.

One should have the ability to withstand these hardships and have the fortitude to bear these problems.

Someone who gains victory over hatred and anger through such an arduous process is a true hero.

On the one hand, those people who fight with other human beings out of anger, hatred, and strong emotion, even if they gain victory over their enemies in battle, are not in reality true heroes.

What they are doing is slaying corpses, because human beings, being transient, will die. Whether or not these enemies die in the battle is another question, but they will die at some point. So what is happening, in reality is that they are slaying corpses.

The true hero is the one who gains victory over hatred.

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