Gift Certificates

 Gift Certificates

SPECIAL MESSAGE, 10/18/21: Please note that changes that took place since 2020 resulted in the Healing Arts Center having a smaller number of available massage practitioners. We are happy to provide gift certificates, but if you believe the recipient has preferences about the gender of the therapist, wants to see a specific practitioner, or has a limited time frame for redemption of their gift, we suggest contacting the Center, or a specific practitioner, for more information about appointment availability before purchase.

Online purchasers will normally receive a PDF, printable gift certificate by email; please allow up to 3 days for processing. Please feel free to call with any questions about your online order, to expedite, or to request that a certificate be mailed instead of emailed. Gift certificates in a variety of cardstock designs are available at the Healing Arts Center by special request at no extra charge. Our phone number is 360-376-4002.

Gift Certificates can be purchased for the services of any Healing Arts massage practitioner, and for one of our acupuncturists.  Shorter, longer, or specialty services may be arranged for specific practitioners. The certificate you order online will be for a massage* with the recipient’s choice of practitioner unless otherwise specified. It is not usually necessary to include recipient’s postal or email address as we will normally email the certificate to you, the purchaser. We do like to have recipients bring a physical, printed certificate when they come in for their session.

Rates for Massage gift certificates are $82.75  for one hour or $124 for 90 minutes. Online prices include a small processing fee. If you are purchasing multiple certificates for the same recipient, you can choose how many on the next page.

*One-hour certificates may also be used for Danielle Dyer’s acupuncture or Asian bodywork sessions; 90-minute certificates may be used for combined acupuncture + Asian bodywork sessions. Please specify Danielle as practitioner for either of these. Note that gift certificates are not accepted for initial appointment with Danielle Dyer.

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